Sound Equity offers you the foundation you need to get your next residential investment acquisition project or cash-out refinance started. We offer competitive, accessible lending for successful, high volume real estate investment professionals like you. We provide you with unlimited capital, high leverage, competitive rates, and best in class terms; coupled with quick funding allowing you to get your next project started right away!

Sound Capital can significantly increase your cash-on-cash return as well as your annual profits.  Just as important, we are fast, responsive and do what we say. 

Some of the benefits we can provide to your business include:

  • Lowest total builder cost of capital
  • Crazy low points for high volume professionals
  • High LTVs and LTCs
  • No hidden lender fees that show up at the last minute
  • Approvals on new loans within 24 hours (1st deal takes a little longer)
  • Single point of contact

If you’re interested in learning more about how Sound Capital can help you get your project funded, use the form below and get in touch!