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At Sound Capital, we offer superb opportunities for the alternative investor looking for fixed income streams that perform better than the bond market, with similar liquidity.

Built on dependability and transparency, our Real Estate Funds are for the accredited investor who is seeking capital preservation while generating a reliable income stream.

The Sound Capital funds are private real estate funds designed to grow your wealth and deliver safe stable returns. They encompass a solid portfolio that consistently delivers above average annual returns.

Discover how to protect your money while getting safe solid returns

The fundamentals of real estate remain strong. According to Bloomberg News, California is currently reporting a 3-4 million housing unit shortage. This positions our Funds to take advantage of great opportunities, when the timing is right, and with the highest quality underwriting standards.

That’s one of the reasons why we haven’t lost a single penny on a loan since 2012, over 2,400+ loans without a single failure.

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